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摘要:英国威廉王子本周一正式开始了自己的新工作:担任东安格利亚空中急救队的飞行员这份工作也将是威廉王子的主要工作,而身为英国王位的第二继承人,其工作安排也会考虑王室活动此外,刚刚迎来小公主出生的威廉说,自己将尽可能平衡好工作和照顾家庭此前威廉王子曾在皇家空军担任海上搜救队的直升机飞行员 Prince William, second in line to the British throne, started a new job as an air ambulance pilot on Monday, describing what many parents might feel on their first day of work: a bout of the jitters and concerns over how to find a work-life balance. The prince is flying air ambulances with the East Anglian Air Ambulance, a medical emergency service, based at Cambridge Airport. He started his shift at 7 a.m. and was quickly sent out on an emergency call, but the mission was later aborted because of limited visibility. “First-day nerves,” the prince said, chuckling, in a video distributed by Britain’s Press Association. “Starting off on a wet Cambridge day, but very much looking forward to getting started.” “It’s been a long time coming, a lot of training, a lot of effort, a lot of people, patients, but we are here now and really looking forward to getting started and doing the job,” Prince William said. Another video released by the ambulance service showed him taking part in flight preparations on the helicopter, including towing the aircraft into position. In a news release, Kensington Palace said pilots for the service carry out regular landings in gardens, parking lots, beaches, roads or other open space. While the job will be his primary occupation, the palace said, he will have to balance the work with his royal duties. “For me it is also really important to be grounded. I feel doing a job like this really helps with grounding the core of what I am trying to become,” he said in a pool report. Prince William will work a nine-and-a-half hour shift on Monday as part of a four days on, four off rotation, The Telegraph reported. He said in another video interview the job was at the “core of what I am trying to become,” adding, “trying to be a good guy.” The Duke of Cambridge also hinted that he was feeling what many other parents might find challenging: finding a work-life balance with two young children. “At some point, there’s probably going to be a lot more pressure and responsibility from my other side of my life. At the moment, I’m juggling the two of them and a young family and I’m enjoying it and I enjoy the challenge,” he said. He described Princess Charlotte, born May 2, as “a little joy from heaven.” His son, Prince George, 

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